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Time Travelers in England (Paperback)

Time Travelers in England Cover Image
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Time Travelers in England is a personal narrative of an archaeologist who studies salt. In the first half of the book Ian W. Brown and his nephew Trevor Hughes explore the various "wiches" of Cheshire County (Middlewich, Nantwich, and Northwich) via canal boat, the way that salt would have been transported in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Along the way they have many "Pickwickian" adventures. The second half of the volume deals with Droitwich, the Worcestershire countryside, the Cotswolds, and many other locales where numerous features on the British landscape quite simply were in need of exploration. It is a rich tale of B&Bs, pubs, museums, and numerous archaeological and historical sites wherein two American come to terms with the land of their ancestors. Interested readers might also turn to The Red Hills of Essex: Studying Salt in England, also by Brown, for an earlier tromp on the British countryside in search of salt and the fascinating impact that it had on society and culture.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780988389397
ISBN-10: 0988389398
Publisher: Borgo Design
Publication Date: June 26th, 2014
Pages: 264
Language: English

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